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Anytype: operating system for life?

After Evernote restricted the number of devices you could use with the free plan, I moved over to Notion. Notion isn’t just a simple note taking app with independent documents, its a big database, where every note can connect to other notes making it easy to sort things into categories.

Notion UI

I’ve used Notion for a long time, but after I really got into privacy, I started to search for a encrypted alternative. I wasn’t comfortable anymore with organising my entire life in one central, unencrypted place owned by some coorporation.

So, I started to search for an alternative. I eventually found Anytype, but it was invite only, so I couldn’t try it yet.

I moved on and started using StandardNotes. I still use it today and I am pretty happy with it.

Now I got access to the Anytype alpha and wanted to write about it here.

When you launch Anytype for the first time, you are greeted with a seed phrase that secures your private key.

After you save that key and proceed, you get to your homescreen.

Anytype Homescreen

On the homescreen, you can create new sets using pre-build templates using the plus button on the top right.

Create a new Set

Your anytype “account” is encrypted using a private key that is protected by your seedphrase and it is synced using IPFS.

Because of that, you can also use Anytype on your Smartphone:

Anytype on Android

One thing I noticed with the desktop app is that is always launches in full-screen mode and it feels kinda sluggish. I probably won’t continue to use it for now, but we’ll see how Anytype evolves.