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Music I Enjoy

I’m the kind of person that always has music playing in the background. I can still remember me being introduced to music. As funny as it sounds, because music is such a abstract thing, its true. My sister brought me a fake beats bluetooth speaker from turkey. My brother wanted to sound-test it and played “About a Mile - Trust you all the way” on it.

I liked that song so much, that I kept listening to it on the speaker. I can’t really reconstruct the exact timeline on what happened when, but my other brother played “All I need is you” and “Tell the World” from Lecrae. Both songs, I added to my - nonexistent, at the time - playlist.

My music taste comes in waves. For a long time, I liked acoustic songs. My music taste developed more and more into EDM and electronic music.

I like gangster rap but I can’t play it in the background. If I take the time to listen to one song, I feel it. But I can’t have it playing in the background.

By the way, right now - while I write this article - I listen to Matthew Parkers album “Adventure” (on Spotify or Youtube).

I’m the guy who pays attention to the lyrics of a song, so if I hear something I don’t like, I can’t hear that song anymore.

My favorite song currently is “Burn like embers” also by Matthew Parker, but I really like almost all of his music. The guy rocks.