On Perfectionism and God's Plan

I recently read the post “Trusting God” by Samuel Mayfield.

It was very interesting - definitely go read it - and I wanted to share some of my thoughts here.

I wouldn’t per se call myself a perfectionist, but maybe I am. When he talked about making paper calculations and planning how much work can be done, but then taking way more time - that’s where I see myself.

For my specific example, I am currently building a bible app with the focus on collaboration.

I’ve been building the app since October 2020, but it seems like I haven’t progressed. So, either I am incapable in programming or I keep adding things - wanting to make everything perfect.

Naturally I jumped to the conclusion that I just am incapable. I’m an imposter.

I was trying to make everything perfect, but instead I’ve stopped doing anything at all.

I stopped doing the task instead of asking what I needed to do to glorify god.

When God gives me tasks I will do them to the best of my ability and I will trust that God gives me the strength to do them like he wants me to.

God doesn’t want that I pour every ounce of energy in one task until it is perfect, just to have no energy left. He wants that I do the task - and he will provide for me. He will give me the strength and energy that I need to the the task to his will.

I don’t have to be perfect let alone do everything perfectly for his plan to succeed.

I need to trust him.