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Precious People and Moments

I've met people that without I wouldn't be who I am now.

There are people that come and go. And there are people that leave their mark on you.

A lot of different people really shaped me - made me who I am today.

My elementary school teacher

The first person outside of family I really remember that made a difference in my life is my elementary school teacher.

I had 3 different teachers in elementary school. The first one was okay, but that’s it. She wasn’t special - she was just a teacher. A cool teacher, nonetheless.

In the third grade I got a new teacher. Miss Kröker. She was way more strict than the teacher I had before. I hated her, she always gave way to much homework, she the classes weren’t fun and she was mean.

Most of the third grade I spent in the hospital. I have epilepsy and I had to get medicated. The time I was in school, I didn’t understand anything. The class had progressed so far, that I couldn’t keep up.

Because of that, I had to repeat the third grade.

The new teacher I got was where I saw that school could be fun. Mrs. Hegemann would go on to change me.

Not only were her classes fun, she really cared.

She took time to research my illness, and explain it to the class.

One time we had a math test were we couldn’t use the calculator. It was simple multiplication - but I sucked. I couldn’t do it.

She knew that I probably had a math deficiency (It wasn’t diagnosed or anything). I remember the moment still so vividly.

She came up to my table, and as she was handing out the test to me, she said “You got this”. It may seem small, but that is a memory I treasure to this day.

She saw the pubil not only as a pubil, she saw the person that sat over this math test. She saw every single one of us - and she cared.

In a german lesson, we had to write short stories in a notebook just for that. At the time I felt like I couldn’t do anything really good. I had no talents.

After I wrote a story - even though I didn’t raise my hand - she wanted that I read it to the class. Apparently it was good. I didn’t see that.

She motivated me, to write more stories. She discovered this talent and made me aware of this.

To this day, I’m so thankful for that.

My mom

Without my mom, I would be a nothing. Literally.

My mom is such a power women. She is running the household, while she does a thousand other things.

Without my mom, I would be broken. She provides mental support and she is just there for me.

How many times did she throw everything she was currently doing on the ground just to help me?

Treasure memories

This post serves as a reminder that you should treasure those moments, you might need them later. Engrave them in your memory.

It also serves as a reminder that time flies and that you should enjoy moments and people while they last. Show those people that you love them.