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The Story Behind My Username

After I paused a few days, I am continuing with #100DaysToOffload. Today I want to talk about how my username darkshark9k came to be.

“The above variably-named Shark Game”

I used to play a lot of clicker games back in the day. One of them - and by far my favourite is “Fin Idle” or sometimes just “Shark Game”.

The reason I write it this way is, the game doesn’t have a name. Every time you reload the page, the game is named different.

The gameplay is pretty standard for a clicker game. You click to catch fish, if you have enough fish you can recruit sharks to catch for you.

The special thing about this game: There is so much love and care put into the different aspects of the game. It tells a story, the farther you progress.

The game isn’t endless, it has a ending that is (as far as I can remember) really satisfying and beautiful. I can only recommend you play it.

-> https://cirri.al/sharks/

And from that game, I got my username. How did you get your’s?

Thanks for reading! ♥