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What is the purpose of my actions?

If everything turns to dust, what drives me to do things?

I could just live in the day and do whatever the new day wants from me, but I think it is very important to have a goal.

There are the obvious ones like “I want to have a house”, or “I want to have kids” but having a goal in life goes far beyond that.

What is it that I want to be remembered for? What purpose do my actions have?

I think it is very important to have such a goal. That’s what gives me direction and validates me.

And if you think the last sentence sounded an awful lot like I’m describing a person - you’re kind of right.

Here’s my goal for my life:

I do the things I do, not because I want to be known in eternity. Rather, I want my actions to be a arrow that points at the bigger picture. A picture - as in a plan - in which you are loved, wanted. Not just by anybody, but by the creator.

This goal gives me something I can work towards. It’s not the most poetic or beautiful, but sometimes my actions aren’t either.

Not I want to be remembered, but I want to remember that there is someone that made me and gave my actions a purpose. A goal.

There is someone that made this mess that is me, he loves me. And he didn’t put my in the place that I am, just because he wanted to see how I am adapting to the situation.

It’s not the sims - and I’m some rando with 0 cooking skills in a kitchen. It’s a plan that I have to trust in.

What is the purpose of your actions?

What do you want to be remembered for?