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What Keeps Me Going

After an almost month long pause on this blog, I want to continue writing. In this post, I want to explore what keeps me going and gives me energy.


I like to take long walks. Where I live, there is a forest right around the corner.

It relaxes me, just being surrounded by nature. Nothing else thats there. It clears my thoughts and if I’m lucky, the chirping of the birds cheers me up.


This point goes along with the previous one. I mostly take my walks in the evening or in the early morning.

I love watching the sunset or sunrise and I love taking photos of it. ❤


I listen to a lot of music. It calms me, and gives me something to do - or listen to - when I’m bored. I can’t really stand silence.

I enjoy listening to music, because - even though I have no experience making it - I admire the attention to details some of the artists have put into thier songs.

I listen to a lot of different songs and my tastes change, but currently I am listening to Matthew Parker’s Dragonfly Deluxe Album.

By far, my favourite song in it is Sparrow:

I just love this dreamy vibe it gives me.


I would say, I have a pretty “normal” family. I (mostly) can trust and rely on them. Sure, my family isn’t perfect and it has it’s problems that need solving. But at least I have a family.

Trust and Faith

And finally, the most important thing for me.

I have a God that I can tell everything. All things that bother me, every little detail of my life. Yes, sometimes it feels like nothing’s coming back, but I have experienced it so many times, that he it there for me. The times that was the case, far outweigh the silence.

Sure, it might not be what you put your trust into, but I have had so many times, where I just knew: This isn’t coincidence. This is planned.